Dance Styles

Dance Styles


Jazz is a modern style of dance that has developed from traditional ballet. Popular Jazz numbers are ‘All that Jazz’ and ‘Chicago’. Jazz is all about conveying the attitude of the music through big and exaggerated dance moves.

Street Dance

Street dance covers a wide variety of dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios. It ’s all about being improvisational and encouraging social interaction. Street dance is a chance to be individual and original, by getting a feel for the music.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is about fluid movements of expression and is concerned with the relationship between body and mind. It can be a very relaxing and intriguing and develops the more thoughtful side of dance, whilst still being fun.


Bhangra is a lively dance from the Punjab region, which was traditionally used to celebrate the harvest. A fusion of singing and the beat of the dhol (drum) is the basis of the music of Bhangra. The movements can be very simple and the dance is associated with feeling a sense of joy.


Salsa is a mix of traditional African and Cuban dancing and also developed in New York during the 1940 ’s. It is an up tempo, energised dance filled with energy, passion and fun. Salsa is usually danced in partners, but there are also steps that can be learnt individually.


Bollywood is a style of dance that comes form the hugely successful Hindi film industry. It is similar to classical Indian dance, but has been mixed with popular western dance styles to create an up tempo, high energy dance style.

Line Dancing

Line dancing usually involves people in a large space getting into lines and carrying out short sequences. A dance experienced dance teacher will stand at the front for people t o copy, then all at the same times the moves are executed creating a really fascinating sight.

Barn Dance

Barn dance covers a number of dances that traditionally would have been danced in a barn to a live band. It includes traditional folk dances, such as square dancing and the dance formations are led by a caller. Barn dancing is high energy but easy to do and is a lot of fun!


Ceroc is a social dance which can be described as a fusion of salsa and jive. It is fun, energetic and easy to learn. Ceroc can be danced in partners to any music that has a regular beat.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a middle-eastern dance in which the dancer makes sensuous movements of the hips and stomach. You do not need to have a belly to belly dance, but equally, no belly is too big!


Capoeira is an African-Brazilian art form, which combines elements of dance, play and ritualistic fighting. It develops confidence combined with a strong feeling of centre and balance.


Jive evolved in America in the 1940 ’s from lindy hop, swing, the jitterbug and rock and roll. It is a partner dance which is fast and high energy and involves a bouncy movement on the balls of the feet.


Reggaeton is a form of dance music which became popular among Latin American youth in the 1990 ’s. It is a blend of Jamaican music with influences of reggae and hip hop. The dance to this music combines movements with steps and is danced with attitude.

Polish Dancing

Polish dancing is Poland ’s traditional folk dance. It is a lively couple-dance, which is danced in a circle by rotating couples and involves steps, lifts, jumps and kicks.


BOOIAKA is a fitness dance workout that embraces and celebrates music, entertainment and dance! You can’t expect to fully understand until you try it, breath it, live it, feel it and fall in love with it! Booiaka – it’s your chance to bring your personality on the dancefloor and express yourself! Booiaka it’s the way you move.


Bokwa® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe. Bokwa® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants off all ages draw the Bokwa® L, 3, J, K and dozens of other steps.