We want to know what you think of Two Left Feet, so we can make sure all our classes are of a high standard. If you would like to tell us fill out the feedback form.

What do you like about Two Left Feet?

  • The fact that it is appropriate for anyone regardless of ability. Its affordability. The way you invite back the very best teachers. The friendly organizers. The fortnightly class – weekly classes would be hard to commit to.
  • Mixture of dances. That you don’t have to take part every time. Low cost. Mixed abilities.
  • Fun and keeps you fit.
  • All of it.

What could be better about Two Left Feet?


  • I think that Two Left Feet is fine the way it is now.
  • Starting promptly at 7.30pm
  • It’s better when the teacher breaks the dance down and we can see what to do.
  • Better when dance is broken down rather than left to follow.
  • I like everything.
  • It should be weekly.